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What makes Varistar's service unique from all its competitors is its comprehensiveness. It is built to require the least amount of administrative, financial and personnel requirements for our clients. So what makes us most different from our competitors? We provide a compelx solution that covers all aspects of variable rate applications from data collection and processing, to the preparation of all application maps, to the installation and setup of application machinery.


Solution for all terminals

In order to ensure correct dosing, it is necessary to have a terminal in the agricultural equipment that is capable of changing the dose. At Varistar, we are always looking for the right solution so that your application equipment can apply variably without additional investment. We either use your existing equipment and terminals or supplement the technology with our terminals. But we always do it in such a way that our customers don't have to deal with anything and invest and all the technology works 100% - all included in the Varistar service. It is possible to upload application maps directly to some terminals and provide remote support as well. Brands that are directly integrated into our system in this way include AG Leader, John Deere, Raven*.terminaly

In other cases, the application dose needs to be uploaded using another device. If the terminal in your equipment does not allow direct map upload, we will provide you with a map upload device for the Varistar service free of charge.


Varistar One

Varistar One

The first option is the Varistar One terminal. It is a simple terminal with an intuitive application. The terminal is compatible with most agricultural machinery terminals, to which it sends doses for individual application zones based on the location determined via GPS, this terminal is rented free of charge in the price of the Varistar service.



Varistar Direct

The second option is a terminal based on our own development.

Varistar Direct

This terminal provides complete data transfer to and from the machinery. It is equipped with a USB port that connects to the agricultural equipment terminal. This terminal also allows remote support.
terminaly usb

* These terminals are not part of the Varistar service

Technical support

We want our clients to be able to rely on our services at all times. That is why we offer a wide range of our technical support services.


Installation of technology


We always install the variable rate application terminal completely in the agricultural machinery, set it up and test whether everything works and communicates correctly. In the event that another supplier's terminal is used, we will arrange communication with this supplier so that everything is ready for variable applications. 





On-site staff training


Detailed training of the personnel who will be using the terminal on site and in your facility is also part of the service. We will show you everything and answer any questions you may have. We also supply detailed printed manuals for all terminals. Also included in the on-site training is instruction on how to use our portal and variable rate application entry system for the agronomist.




Remote support


With remote support, we can connect to most devices remotely to better identify any problems. Each terminal has our customer service number on it, where our technicians will be happy to help you with any problem. Most problems are resolved within minutes.  





Free on-site service



In case the fault is more serious and we cannot solve it by remote support and the presence of a technician is needed on site, this service intervention on our supplied equipment is completely free of charge for our clients.  





Support of VRA

Not only is support related to installation and commissioning important to our clients, but also support related to specific variable rate applications.


Consulting services for variable application parameters

kooperaceIn 2021, we will launch a new portal that will generate application maps and transmit them directly to the farm equipment. The whole process will be very fast and clients will be able to use the map almost immediately. At the same time, a validation mechanism (partly automated, in some cases with subsequent interrogation of non-standard records by an expert) will continue to operate to detect incorrectly entered applications that could jeopardise crop development. We also offer our clients free consultations on individual variable rate applications.




Consulting services for variable rate applications during the season


The Varistar system offers many possibilities for variable applications. We are able to supplement the application based on the RYP map with the current state of the crops, or prepare an application based on the current state only. Thanks to our experience we also offer the possibility of variable rate application of selected pesticides. We also produce variable seeding maps for our clients. Pre-seeding fertilization based on a combination of the RVP map and soil analysis is also very popular.