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Varistar clients can use Varistar One or Varistar Direct terminals for variable rate applications free of charge.


Varistar One

Varistar One

The main requirement in the development of the Varistar One terminal was simplicity and intuitiveness of operation and a minimum of operator intervention.
So what does Varistar One bring you?

  • Simple operation

  • Compatibility with terminals of commonly used spreaders, sprayers and seed drills

  • Online map downloads without the need to transfer files on USB drives and without operator intervention

  • Complete remote support and terminal setup

  • Online monitoring of the application and machinery (in conjunction with the Varistar customer portal)

  • Modern 3D navigation design with zoom capability

  • Possibility to manually adjust the dose in %

  • Field name and applied dose information directly on the screen



The Varistar One terminal can be easily installed in the cab, is easy to use and intuitive to operate, communicates in the Czech, Slovak and English language and is permanently connected to the internet, allowing you to automatically transfer the necessary data or technical supprot can take over the terminal screen directly in the application machinery and solve the vast majority of potential problems remotely.


Varistar Direct



Varistar Direct is suitable for all terminals that are equipped with a USB interface. What are its main advantages?

  • Unattended data transfer

  • Simple connection to machinery

  • Automatic online map download without operator intervention

  • Remote support by technical support for quick troubleshooting of application problems

  • Integrated GPS module for monitoring the technology and application (in conjunction with the Varistar customer portal)

  • Wi-fi hotspot in the tractor cab to connect the terminal to the internet

For more information about our terminals and more, please contact us.